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Peaceful vigils call for justice for Oscar Grant

On Wednesday there were peaceful vigils held around the country, a National Day of Action demanding justice for Oscar Grant, ... because all of our civil rights are at risk when we don't lift our voices against this type of injustice ... arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law. "There is only one answer to a tragedy [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 17:34:06

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Who likes curry? (4)

Have you heard of those vision boards every body and Oprah are talking about? Do you think it's garbage or The Law Of Attraction? Don't answer that ... debt free. You are such a gem. Blueberry muffins will be delivered to your doorstep promptly [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 04:09:43

Burris Sworn In, Reid Still Majority Leader

As usual, BRAD BLOG readers were right in overwhelmingly determining, in our poll just after the New Year, ... question to answer, given both the laws concerning such appointments, and the historical record of Reid's [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 19:53:15

And so it begins…

U.S. Attorney General nominee says waterboarding is torture: Asked whether a president might have the power to immunize people against criminal charges ... against terrorists, Mr. Holder answered unambiguously: “Mr. Chairman, no one is above the law.” So does [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 20:10:28

Some Legal Specifics On Detainees, Interrogations From DOD’s Johnson

Sorry, just have to do one more post on Jeh Johnson’s prepared answers from the Senate Armed Services Committee ahead of his confirmation hearing to ... to traditional understandings of fealty to the rule of law. On a question about detainees not being ... looking carefully at whether use of coerced testimony is ever appropriate in the criminal trial [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 15:20:28

Bankruptcy - Is It the Answer?

Bankruptcy - Is It the Answer? October 11th, 2008 Subscribe To Our Feed If your finances are in a mess, you may have considered bankruptcy ... to pay back a portion of the debt that is owed to creditors. Your credit will be damaged ... laws. They were allowed to file more than once for Chapter 7 so many used it to beat credit card [more...]

Date: 2008-10-11 21:47:58

Quick Hits on Clinton Confirmation Hearings and QFRs

Hillary Clinton did a great job answering questions directly without over-promising in her confirmation hearing and Questions for the Record. Fortunately, she left behind a few clues as to where we're headed. Clinton's plan to aggressively pursue U.S. accession to the Law of the Sea Convention, as noted earlier [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 04:56:51

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