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The truth about collection accounts.

by JR Rooney The debt collection industry is a billion dollar industry. According to Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc ... the account or legal action is taken against you. Collection agencies obtain the following information to develop a strategy to collect money owed: name, address, credit report, credit application [more...]

Date: 2008-12-17 08:13:34

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CreditLawGroup Credit Repair Blog

CreditLawGroup provides a comprehensive cost-effective way to address inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable, ... report, credit bureaus and credit related issues. ... incorrect or otherwise improper information which may be contained on your credit report [more...]

Date: 2008-07-28 16:32:44

Obama Campaign Website Invites Fraud

Gee, why would a Presidential campaign that has rejected public funding and thus is desperately in need of constant infusions of cash in order to ... Address Verification System that screens credit-card charges for matching names and addresses ... Times to report her experience contributing under a fictitious name and address ("12345 No Way [more...]

Date: 2008-10-27 19:03:47

Running a Criminal Background Check Can Be Very Revealing

by Glen Pearson Are you curious about someone’s past? ... any criminal records, credit reports, previous addresses and more. Naturally, there is a cost ... , such as credit or criminal history, will not show up. Give it a shot, it’s free. In the event [more...]

Date: 2009-01-02 22:27:30

Running Criminal Background Checks Explained

by Glen Pearson Ever wondered what went on in someone’s past, but it wasn’t appropriate to ask them? ... about a given person, and may include their criminal record, address history, credit report, marriage ... You might have thought about having a background check done instead. Doing this can tell [more...]

Date: 2009-01-04 10:38:51

Payday Loan Up To 1000

The funds may be obtained despite a problematic credit report. You will be submitting name address, phone numbers, bank account ... % of the loan applicants are qualified enough to obtain finance in this field, as you will be giving ... crunch anymore. Bad credit cash advances that are required to pledge any security which drastically [more...]

Date: 2009-01-16 19:31:55

Inttroduction (3)

Credit bureaus get most of their data from creditors and collection agencies ... of a credit report usually includes names you previously used, past and present addresses, Social ... Chapter 4, Section A, for more information on the contents of a credit report.) How can I get a copy [more...]

Date: 2009-01-09 04:31:36

Credit Card Updates and the Sad State of Affairs

Katybug scored a Chase Continental Mastercard with a huge $1900 credit line. The size of the line is not important but the size of her bonus is ... our credit report clearly shows our South Carolina address. We will send it all off tomorrow ... . Her Citi Aadvantage Platinum Worldcard approval is delayed. They want a copy of a pay stub, phone bill [more...]

Date: 2008-11-30 11:23:59

Free Webinar on New FTC Guidelines for Background Checks

The new FTC Identity Theft “Red Flags” guidelines take affect on November 1, 2008.  Are you aware of your obligations under these new provisions? ... of consumer reports must implement procedures to deal with any notices of address discrepancies they receive from a nationwide consumer reporting agency (mainly credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax [more...]

Date: 2008-10-15 19:09:58

Steps to Take If You're a Victim of Identity Theft...Part I

When you got your free credit report from Credit Score Cowboy you may have seen unfamiliar entries or wrong addresses ... /coline/pubs/credit/affidavit.pdf · FTC 800-438-4338 or 800-ID THEFT Even if you've never been big ... there in shock – cursing, screaming, or crying – your thief is still using your credit. So, first step [more...]

Date: 2008-11-17 16:03:44

What Are the Most Common Ways to Commit Identity Theft or Fraud?

It’s the number one source of consumer complaints at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ... when you’re gone. If your employer is authorized to pull credit reports on employees or potential customers ... number (SSN), bank or credit card account numbers, income, name, address, or phone number, and use [more...]

Date: 2008-10-18 03:19:05

An Easy Background Check You Can Use To Find Out Anyone’s Past

by Glen Pearson Have you ever needed to check up on someone to see what was in their past? ... about someone and will typically include things such as a criminal background record, credit report, address [more...]

Date: 2009-01-03 16:31:23

SPAMfighter News - 5 new articles

Here are the latest updates for raplist.antispamsite@blogger ... Revenue & Customs) is making malicious rounds. HMRC orchestrates the tax system of Britain.The report ... along with their contact address as well as credit card number so that the compensation [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 12:38:00

How to Keep Criminals away from Your Personal Information

by Michael Benifez Identity theft is becoming the fastest growing crime problem in the United States, ... and using the names, addresses, bank account information, credit card numbers, and Social Security ... when an insider, like an employee or a contractor, gets hold of credit reporting information [more...]

Date: 2008-08-10 20:49:04

Retail Sales Down 2.8% in October

Yet more evidence that consumers are hurting. From the Wall Street Journal: U.S ... reports, Federal Reserve policymakers should have added flexibility to address the credit crisis ... and the biggest since records began in 1992, the Commerce Department said today in Washington [more...]

Date: 2008-11-14 13:55:56

Following the money

rdanThe NYT describes the beginning role of the committee and chairman Elizabeth Warren to follow the money, in addition to GAO report....“You can’t just say, ‘Credit isn’t moving through the system,’ ” she said in her first public ... report on Dec. 10, “laying out the central questions that Treasury should be addressing as it spends [more...]

Date: 2008-12-04 11:31:00

Swiss Helvetia Fund on U.S. Economy

The Swiss Helvetia Fund, Inc. (SWZ) issued its quarterly report ... a dim view of recent government intervention:While government efforts are addressing the liquidity ... credit more available.I kept waiting for the silver lining, but to no avail:The world economic order [more...]

Date: 2009-01-08 06:31:00

At Tiffany’s, life is imitating art…

If your holiday shopping includes a trip to Tiffany & Co. (TIF) ... and eight or so in Asia-Pacific and/or Europe. (And, as this report notes, the company may move ... to address the Company’s current and future liquidity requirements.” So long as the credit markets don’ [more...]

Date: 2008-12-03 14:58:18

NACUBO: The FTC's Red Flag Rule Identity Theft Prevention Rule May Affect Colleges

The National Association of College and University Business Officers notes that the FTC's Red Flag rule likely applies to colleges ... of consumer reports must develop reasonable policies and procedures when they receive notification from a credit agency that there is an address discrepancy. Second, that financial institutions [more...]

Date: 2008-09-26 17:00:00

Mandelson extends ‘real help for businesses’

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson today unveiled a package of measures designed to address the cash flow, credit and investment needs of small and medium businesses. The support package, which builds upon the commitments outlined in November’s Pre Budget Report, consists of loan guarantees and a new [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 10:59:05

News: Government's real help for business

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson today unveiled a package of measures designed to address the cash flow, credit and investment needs of small and medium businesses. The support package, which builds upon the commitments outlined in November's Pre Budget Report, consists of loan guarantees and a new [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 11:20:00

Light Goes out at Light Sword

Victoria Strauss at Writers Beware is reporting the long-expected news that sham publisher Light Sword, ... that are now with LSP Digital? Is Daly hoping that she can solve her personal and corporate credit ... that the web address for LSP Digital is "Lightswordpublishing.com." [more...]

Date: 2009-01-07 23:37:10

Turfway president: Casinos needed - Cincinnati.com

Turfway president: Casinos needed - Cincinnati.com FLORENCE - Although a say task force report on the horse industry did not specifically address ... the global economic slowdown. Arrivals fell 11.6 percent in the UNDER SCRUTINY: The credit card ... (Sugar Land, Texas) will host special guest Buffalo Gap Instrumentation and Electrical Company [more...]

Date: 2008-12-22 13:00:24

Employers Beware: Red Flag Rules On Address Discrepancies Not Delayed

If you've been following the story of the Red Flag Rules, that we posted about last winter you'll know that on October 22, 2008, ... your business uses consumer reports. If you do background, criminal or credit checks on employees ... the FTC announced a delay in enforcing the rules, moving the date from November 1, 2008 to May [more...]

Date: 2008-10-27 17:21:00

Short Term Positives, Long Term Questions

Good Evening: The forces of poor economic fundamentals clashed again today with government programs created to address them ... were sifting through a Q3 GDP report revealing that growth slipped to -0.5% last quarter, the Fed ... . Aside from still frigid conditions in the credit markets, perhaps the big reason why the Fed feels [more...]

Date: 2008-11-26 02:48:41

Gore Addresses Delegates as Climate Change Conference Closes

cop14_gore.jpg Given an unprecedented and still unfolding crisis in banking and credit markets, ... by including them in the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism carbon credit system ... change continues unabated, according to a report from the International Institute of Sustainable [more...]

Date: 2008-12-13 15:05:39

Obama campaign may have received $63,000,000 in illegal foreign donations

For a while now, we've known that the Obama campaign deliberately disregarding address and security-code verification that would have ensured that online credit card donations were being made in compliance with election laws. Now, a new report ... . And the thing is, it's just so obvious. For example:Someone named Good Will from Austin, Texas [more...]

Date: 2008-11-19 19:57:00

Bubble Economics: Did we Learn our Lesson?

Have we really learned our lesson? We must open by addressing the fact that we support all methods and creative fiscal devices promulgated to ... and is currently deteriorating towards the point of hopelessness. December’s job report, released by the Bureau ... of miserable forecasts and wretched housing bust – credit crisis - bear market headlines. All [more...]

Date: 2009-01-12 20:27:00

Forest Whitaker Wants To Help Save Newark, NJ With New Sundance Series

The only thing I know really well about Newark, New Jersey is that it has an airport ... series. Reuters is reporting that Whitaker might have a voice-over role — with producing credits ... ). With regards to how in the world all this might relate to green, the series is said to address and seek [more...]

Date: 2008-12-01 15:34:43

CREDIT CRUNCH NEWS - Study: Drinking Coffee Reduces Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s - FOXNews

Study: Drinking Coffee Reduces Risk of Developing Alzheimer’sFOXNews - 2 minutes agoConducted in collaboration with the National Public Health ... policy or health care — can be addressed ...in Work Pensions News Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Releases Major Report on ...SYS-CON Media, NJ - 3 minutes agoCanadians spend considerable monies [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 19:26:00

When the Flashing Lights Start, Pull Over

ojchase.jpg (Photo: Even for O.J. Simpson, a better option might have been to stop. Credit: Larry Ho/Los Angeles Times.) ... other up online a few years ago to discover Gay O.J. to be the previous tenant in Chris’s apartment ... address years ago.  She was always a conservative zealot, so I’ll be happy to report on her new descent [more...]

Date: 2008-12-31 10:04:01

Bill Would Make Ratings Agencies Share Liability

A key House lawmaker wants to make credit rating agencies — which have been widely criticized for failing to give investors adequate warning of the risks in subprime mortgage securities that triggered the financial crisis — responsible for each other’s assessments by holding them collectively liable for inaccuracies.The Associated Press reported that a new draft bill by the lawmaker, Representative Paul Kanjorski, a Pennsylvania Democrat, includes a plan meant to address what critics contend is [more...]

Date: 2009-10-01 09:07:48

Here Are The Five Things We Need To Fix About Banking Right Now

Chairman Frank, Ranking Member Bachus, and other members of the Committee, I appreciate the opportunity to discuss ways of improving the financial regulatory framework to better protect against systemic risks. In my view, a broad-based agenda for reform should include at least five key elements. First, legislative change is needed to ensure that systemically important financial firms are subject to effective consolidated supervision, whether or not the firm owns a bank. [more...]

Date: 2009-10-01 13:39:00

Communique Issued and Obama Speaking Now

You can watch him live here: The text of the communique is below. Leaders’ Statement: The Pittsburgh Summit September 24 – 25, 2009 PREAMBLE 1. We meet in the midst of a critical transition from crisis to recovery to turn the page on an era of irresponsibility and to adopt a set of policies, regulations and reforms to meet the needs of the 21st century global economy. 2. When we last gathered in April, we confronted the greatest challenge to the world economy in our generation. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 21:36:12

QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 User

Amazon. com Product Description Small business accounting software that makes accounting easy with tools to organize your finances all in one place. Track sales & expenses. Click to enlarge. Reduce data entry by downloading your bank & credit card transactions into QuickBooks. Click to enlarge. Create purchase orders. Click to enlarge. Generate reports with one click to see how your business is doing. Click to enlarge. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-29 23:40:46

Credit Card Laws and Court Rulings–Have They Helped Consumers?

This is a guest post by Bill Hardekopf, CEO of LowCards.com . Congress passed the Credit CARD Act in May but gave issuers and banks almost one year to implement the major provisions of the bill. Since then, issuers did exactly what they threatened to do–raise rates and fees on a broad group of cardholders. Consumers and elected officials are not happy about this, and members of Congress plan to introduce a bill to accelerate the effective date of the bill from February 22, 2010 to December 1, 2009. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 19:18:38

AEI Interns’ Transcripts in Date Order: Their Own First Draft of History

First of all, I want to reemphasize everything Laurie just said. This is not a new threat, and this is not a threat we did not know about. Saddam Hussein has, in many ways, openly dreamed of mass death in the United States. He has shared his dreams with his nation and the world many times. We also know he has actively planned to do so many times, and Laurie’s book is a rather convincing argument that he is active and successfully implemented plans to do so as well. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-28 08:30:21

Posts about Obama Health Care Failure as of October 1, 2009

Conference call: Tim Pawlenty and the Freedom First PAC - hotair.com 10/01/2009 We had an opportunity to talk with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty to discuss the launch of his Freedom First PAC.  Pawlenty says that he’s worried that freedom is being corroded by a “tyranny of a creeping bureaucracy.”  Pawlenty wants to re-elevate the principles of freedom and liberty, including an effort to educate people on their value and to impact current policy.  Pawlenty plans a particular effort to [more...]

Date: 2009-10-01 12:59:05

Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair

by Bob jones Negative comments on your credit report can cost a lot of money. You do not have to give up though, because it is never too late to repair your credit worthiness. However, bear in mind that credit repair does not happen overnight. It requires serious dedication and perseverance to start a clean slate again. How to Get Started : You should know who the three credit bureaus are and what they are saying about you. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-27 16:11:07

How to Handle Terminating an Employee

Be Prepared Before Terminating an Employee Determine is any contractual obligations are owed to or owed from the employee. Examine any applicable employment contract, collective bargaining, non-disclosure or non-competition agreement. Review the employee’s compensation and benefit issues. Calculate what may be owed and identify which benefits may be continued. If possible, have the necessary notices and/or forms ready. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-28 15:36:10

Where has the Bailout Money Gone? Good Billions After Bad

Where has the Bailout Money Gone? Good Billions After Bad Vanity Fair by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele As the Bush administration waned, the Treasury shoveled more than a quarter of a trillion dollars in tarp funds into the financial system—without restrictions, accountability, or even common sense. The authors reveal how much of it ended up in the wrong hands, doing the opposite of what was needed. Just inside the entrance to the U.S. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-28 06:17:36

Credit Repair The DIY Way

by Bob jones Negative comments on your credit report can cost a lot of money. You do not have to despair though, because it is never too late to repair your credit worthiness. However, remember that credit repair does not happen overnight. It requires serious dedication and perseverance to start a clean slate once more. How to Get Started : You should know who the three credit bureaux are and what they are saying about you. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 21:05:30

Build Me A Website

Introduction The term ‘Web Design’ creates a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. The word design suggests graphics and layout so many people think that’s what designing a website is all about. Most people think that website design is very simple, all you need to do is install the company logo, add the relevant wording, decide on the arrangement of the pages and that’s it. Well I am about to shock you by outlining the many complicated processes involved in web design. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-29 14:03:50

Text of Kerry-Boxer Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, The Senate's Cap-and-Trade Climate Legislation

A SUMMARY OF THE CLEAN ENERGY JOBS AND AMERICAN POWER ACT AS INTRODUCED September 30, 2009 SECTION 1 . SHORT TITLE ; TABLE OF CONTENTS . This Act may be cited as the “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act”. Sections 2. Findings. Describes the impacts of climate change and the benefits of transitioning to a clean energy economy. Section 3. Economywide Emission Reduction Goals. Establishes targets for reducing global warming pollution. Section 4. Definitions. [more...]

Date: 2009-10-01 12:11:00

No surprise here; FBI and likely other federal agencies abuse the use of National Security Letters. Support the JUSTICE Act unless the Republicans can do better.

I have been railing against the Patriot Act (which is anything but) since its passage and I physically protested same back when AG Ashcroft visited Salt Lake City in circa 2003. Numerous provisions of that Act signed into law by the SOB (Son Of a Bush) were and remain egregious. The Patriot Act assailed our rights on so many fronts, not the least of which was broadening the use of National Security Letters (NSL). [more...]

Date: 2009-09-28 19:56:34

So You Want To Build A Website?

Post from: Online Fun And Business So You Want To Build A Website? Introduction When I decided I needed a website for my business I had no idea of the very many processes involved. Like most people, I thought web design meant deciding on the graphics and the look of the pages and then by some magic it would all happen. I have a friend who is in the business of SEO web design and web content management systems so I approached him for a quote. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 14:25:07

So How Do I Get My Free Copy Of Credit Report Each Year?

by Andy Zain One of the benefits of being an American citizen is that each year we get a little gift in the form of a free copy of credit report. Instead of having to plunk down the five to ten bucks it used to cost per copy, we can get one free annually. We can thank the government for passing the 2003 Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and giving us our little bonus. The three prominent national credit reporting agencies are the most affected by the law passed in 2003. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 07:53:49

Great Advice!

Identity Theft is on the rise. The information in this post that I recieved by email has nothing to do with saving money, however, my hope is that this great advise will save you a lot of time and trouble. .1. Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put 'PHOTO ID REQUIRED.'. 2. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the 'For' line. Instead, just put the last four numbers. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-30 11:47:00

How Hospitals Are Quietly Leading The Way With Social Media

Amidst the attention on Twitter and how Pharma brands may be using it, what the FDA is doing with their blog and the rise of internet users finding health information on the web there is one group that has been quietly innovating with using social media without receiving much attention or credit for it. Today in the US, there are 367 hospitals that are actively using social media. Collectively they are responsible for 186 YouTube Channels which include over 5,000 videos. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 10:55:15

Reinventing America

America faces serious challenges to maintain its storied status quo. Hurdles include a sinking economy, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the rising cost of education, global warming, a crumbling infrastructure and American workers with uncertain futures. Trendwatchers are more acutely aware of these issues than most, but they’re also more hopeful [more...]

Date: 2009-01-13 09:40:59

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