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Amazon.de Widgets The most ordinary difficulty of debtors is their unrestrained debts and then hunt discover for a way to hold these debt issues. While attractive debts, grouping never intend that the termination would be so devastating. At nowadays circumstances obligate them to modify go for binary debts thusly crescendo their burden. However demise the think strength be, debts should be unnatural and condemned according to the power to repay. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-10 14:21:37

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Don’t Make Credit Decisions Based On Last Year’s Recommendations!

When I was taking a political science class in college, we learned about the problem of “fighting the last war ... about the advice of many newspaper columnists on credit card debt currently.  They may be right ... years but now seems to miss the point of the credit crisis.  If your credit card provider lowers [more...]

Date: 2009-01-08 23:46:33

Credit Debt Advice - The Solution Needs to Suit Your Circumstances

Credit Debt Advice in the UK is so widely available but it’s difficult to tell if it applies to your circumstances ... . If you are UK resident, are worrying about these testing times and maybe have that awful sinking feeling that payments to credit cards & unsecured loans etc are not getting any easier to meet, ... [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 06:30:18

Simple to Read, Hard to Execute: 10 Ways to Save Money in College

Written on 6/04/2008 by Soo L. of womopo.com - practical tips and advice for men ... to rack up a lot of credit card debt. So instead of making poor decisions with your credit card, save ... on naive and unsuspecting college students. Some examples of this are credit card companies, loan [more...]

Date: 2008-06-04 22:39:48

Credit card settlement

Debt problems happen to nearly everyone at some point in their life ... that you have made with the creditor or collection agency. Debt consolidation is a popular way of dealing ... card and you are unable to clear your debt. So you can get advice for credit card settlement [more...]

Date: 2008-11-20 04:10:51

Take stock of your debt and get the right advice

With the New Year coming around many people are getting their New Year’s resolutions sorted out, ... to a 0% balance transfer credit card. If you have a range of credit cards and loans that you are repaying it may be worth considering Finding a 0 percent balance transfer credit card or a low rate [more...]

Date: 2009-01-13 07:00:17

Credit Lines: Number and Length of Time Open

from an email: On a related note, I hope you might have some advice for us. My husband and I just sold our condo ... .) So we are spending a small part of the profit off the sale on retiring the only credit card debt we still ... house. However, with no credit card debt and no mortgage (and one car loan that will be paid off [more...]

Date: 2008-07-06 16:05:45

[IMG Woman Sleeping]

My wife suffers from sleeping sickness Ask an expert: Narcolepsy is making it increasingly difficult for my wife to hold down a job ... bonds GO Consumer advice Shopping Your rights Buying and selling a car Holiday GO Credit & loans Get out of debt Bankruptcy Credit cards Picking loans Credit checks GO Insurance Home [more...]

Date: 2008-09-24 14:17:36

Tony Writes In “I Have Too Much Debt On My Credit Cards”

Tony wrote to me through the GetOutOfDebt.org site asking for advice ... your credit score and credit report then you need to think about repaying your debt without going into a credit counseling program. The basic techniques you need to follow are to develop a budget [more...]

Date: 2008-10-07 20:37:46

Repairing Your Credit

We’ve all seen them. “Send me 99.95 and I’ll fix your credit and you can get a one million dollar credit card tomorrow ... your credit. It is not meant in any way to be legal advice. We will discuss several things in this article such as how credit works, paying or settling debts, credit repair companies, and establishing new [more...]

Date: 2009-01-12 01:08:35

[IMG Pensioner]

Can pension be linked to mortgage? Ask an expert: My husband is seriously ill and I fear the worst ... Income bonds GO Consumer advice Shopping Your rights Buying and selling a car Holiday GO Credit & loans Get out of debt Bankruptcy Credit cards Picking loans Credit checks GO Insurance [more...]

Date: 2008-09-24 14:17:36

Beware of Debt Reduction Advice

In a recessionary period like the one we are experiencing today there is a natural increase in personal financial turmoil ... associated with servicing such debt at very high interest rates, in particular credit card debt ... , the victim’s debt has actually grown. The credit card company has written off the debt resulting [more...]

Date: 2008-12-12 11:00:20

Family Finances: When you’re desperate, look out for fraud

At a recent home show, we were grabbed by a debt settlement company salesperson who offered to save us at least 40 percent in our effort to get ... Republican Searching For a Debt Consolidation Loan or Credit Card Counseling Service Beware Of Zombie Debt ... Collector? Bad Credit Debt Consolidation - Brutally Honest Advice Recent Debt and Foreclosure [more...]

Date: 2008-10-31 06:20:00

Stand Against Adversity

Dear Aunt B,I saw your web page and would appreciate the opportunity to ask you for advice ... many years; she has accumulated a credit card debt of over $30,000, and a few years ago, she had to borrow $40,000 on her house to pay off a similar credit card debt accumulated in the same manner [more...]

Date: 2009-01-08 16:52:00

A whole lotta Twitter phishin goin’ on

Twits beware. Twitter phishers and spammers are out on the prowl, ... on your computer or handheld that you can’t verify to trust. Just like bank and credit card ... , and that advice appears to be quite timely. I received “Twitter spam” today from four different educators whose [more...]

Date: 2009-01-06 05:20:53

Keep Them Linking With Content That Screams Out - Link to Me!

What’s the “secret” to getting your site listed in the coveted top 10 spots in the search engines? ... bloggers, forum posters, other (quality) websites, social media sites and anything that has “www” ... an angle and latch onto it!  Writing about credit card debt using the same advice you can find [more...]

Date: 2009-01-06 12:35:30

Keep Them Linking With Content That Screams Out - Link to Me!

What’s the “secret” to getting your site listed in the coveted top 10 spots in the search engines? ... bloggers, forum posters, other (quality) websites, social media sites and anything that has “www” ... an angle and latch onto it!  Writing about credit card debt using the same advice you can find [more...]

Date: 2009-01-06 12:35:30

Ideablob: Making Dreams Come True

Guest post from our friends at Good Capital: Jack Alter, a Philadelphia schoolteacher, ... in seed money. Since then, Advanta has grown into one of the nation's largest credit card issuers ... around the world for health advice and medical recommendations. The system uses relatively [more...]

Date: 2009-01-05 10:39:18

How to Motivate Yourself to Pay Debts

Start the year right with a clean slate which is why I paid all of my credit card dues just last December ... debts to pay off. If you’re in credit card hell. Pay off the ones with smaller debts then get rid ... advice from people who have experienced paying off debts successfully. You can ask your parents, other [more...]

Date: 2009-01-07 10:45:24

Debt Elimination

Debt Elimination Almost all employees I know have at least one or two credit cards which they use for buying clothes, groceries and many other things. It’s been a practice to use credit card payments ... rates. If everything fails then seek help from debt consolidation company who will advice you on so many [more...]

Date: 2008-09-04 13:19:08

Host Unlimited Bandwith - The Good And The Bad

It seems that almost everyone you come across has their own web page ... wishing to conduct business on line, you should think about such things as shopping carts, credit card ... on the web, you should seek advice from someone technically competent to guide you on what’s needed to effect [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 14:28:07

Suze Orman’s Free Book - Fixing Your Finances in 2009

Barack Obama’s speech warning of devastating unemployment levels and a lengthy recession was no surprise to most Americans ... to do this year. For example, the general Credit advice for 2009 is: Make it a priority to pay off your credit ... to get your FICO credit score above 720. Be very careful where you turn to for help with credit card debt [more...]

Date: 2009-01-09 13:29:00

Identity Theft Labs Shares Some Advice On How YOU Can Protect Yourself

Although it is not strictly business related, identity theft is no stranger in the world ... from dumpster diving, shoulder surfing, credit card skimming, stealing - purses - wallets - laptops - data ... of wireless communication under the motherboard of credit card readers made in China and distributed [more...]

Date: 2008-12-24 04:05:07

Statute of Limitations in Ohio on credit card debt; Open Account vs Written Contract

From Debt Prison Forum a reader asks for advice in response to a collection agency dragging up an 8 year old credit card debt ... an acknowledgment that you owe the debt. It’s then still up to you and the collection agency to work ... I received numerous threatening calls from a collection agency or an attorney acting [more...]

Date: 2008-11-12 02:31:36

40 Key Elements to Getting Started In Social Media

By Mike Fruchter of MichaelFruchter.com (Twitter/FriendFeed) ... of the credit card you have on file as well. Auto-renewal notices, getting marked as spam, combined with an expired credit card is bad news. This happened to a friend, just a word of advice [more...]

Date: 2009-01-05 22:52:52

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Holiday Reading Edition

As the New Year rolls around, I find myself engrossed in several new books received over the holiday season ... a credit card to establish their credit history. (@ carrie & danielle) Is Your Business Prepared ... . (@ new york times via get rich slowly) The “One Big Lump” Theory of Your Money The advice here [more...]

Date: 2009-01-07 14:00:53

Virus Warning

Last week I read this on Jerry Pournelle’s computer user blog. (In the letters section.) ... and tells you that you need to buy their cleaner. They then have your credit card number and you still ... it up. The obvious advice: If you hit a web site that warns you that you have viruses, don’t download anything [more...]

Date: 2009-01-02 03:10:07

Advice For Debt Consolidation

Many people have used and enjoyed the services of debt consolidation companies because of their amazing ability to manage bad credit or other debts ... a good debt consolidation company won’t be too hard. You can enhance your bad credit status ... results from owning more than two credit cards. The advantages of debt consolidation are enormous [more...]

Date: 2009-01-01 18:00:17

Sunday Money Roundup - Frugal In Winter In The High Desert.

So, with over 2 feet of snow on the ground the other day, I hung out our laundry. Yep, the thermometer read 22 degrees, but at this altitude ( ... about buying something? He needs your advice! Gather Little By Little dips his toes into a 0% interest credit card. Go see what he is using it for! MoneyMate Kate tries to deal with United Airlines [more...]

Date: 2009-01-11 14:00:43

How Saving has Enabled Us

“Save your money, and one day it will save you” -old African proverb Moneymonk shared the above in her Friday quote post last week ... pretty much debt free, with the exception of our home mortgage and credit card balances, which are paid ... Finance, check back every Wednesday for a new segment. This is not financial advice. Please consult [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 12:38:00

Rule of Thumb For Reasonable Housing Costs?

In an earlier post on motivating myself to work harder, I had thrown out a piece of “common” financial advice: ... from a mortgage calculator. The “other debt” is the sum of your other recurring monthly liabilities - car loans, credit card balances, student loan payments. There are usually two lender ratios [more...]

Date: 2008-09-10 13:58:59

Ocean Medical International Provides Medical Kit Instructions in E-Cell USB Device

When a seafarer falls sick at sea or when there is medical emergency, timely medical treatment is necessary. On many occasions medevac ( ... , such as passport, drivers licence & credit card details etc, in password secure section. The medical ... . Where necessary, online medical advice has to be taken from ashore for the right diagnosis [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 16:43:53

Why You Should Sell Stuff To Help With Debt (pfblogs.org)

One day I was on a forum and someone who was deep in debt was asking for advice ... some reasons why.First, when trying to tackle a huge debt, whether it be credit card or otherwise ... to get extra money into the house, but the effort is quite substantial and the payoff will be long-term [more...]

Date: 2008-08-23 20:09:10

Lululemon Sets Goal to Bait Us with Booze and Yoga for Niagara Falls Warehouse Sale

Boy it’s cold out there! Sure makes you want to stand outside in a line for hours, doesn’t it!? ... a credit card? If you’re planning to head out there, want our advice? Get some free yoga and booze…leave [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 19:11:26

The Dirty Secrets of Debt Reduction (and What to Do About Them)

When I was a sophomore in college, I got my first credit card. I thought it was awesome — it was like free money ... to pay off debt. I was arrogant. I believed this advice didn’t apply to me. But then my car broke down ... , and then paused my debt elimination plans for a few months in order to stash $1,000 in the bank [more...]

Date: 2008-07-17 12:00:34

World’s top champagnes

It’s probably a little late to be popping the cork to celebrate the arrival of a New Year, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing ... that credit card bill. Here’s the list: 10. Louis Roederer Cristal 1989: $6,417.90 9. Salon Mensil 1996 ... vintages. If you happen to have one of these on ice, our advice is to leave it there. In these challenging [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 14:13:30

Collection Agency Demands “Lump Sum”

A reader asked for advice in response to a collection agency demanding a lump sum and refusing to accept a payment plan.. Hi Barry, I have a question for you regarding a collection agency. I have a credit card account ... . I’ve been working with Bank of America through a payment program, but they recently sold the debt [more...]

Date: 2008-11-12 01:48:47

Debt Consolidation Advices

Many people are burdened with too much debt that their monthly salaries are not enough to cover their monthly loan payments, ... some advice from debt consolidation companies which offers good solution to debt problems. They will help you consolidate your credit card balances and various loans into one single loan which [more...]

Date: 2008-12-17 14:27:00

Financial Advice for the Current Market Conditions

I have a special attachment to Saturday Night Live, since it debuted the same year I was born ... t get these numbers to add up Husband: Like we’re never going to get out of this hole. Wife: Credit card debt ... could use it. Wife: We’ve tried debt consolidation companies. Husband: We’ve even taken out loans [more...]

Date: 2008-10-16 06:30:09

Scotiabank offers some finacial advice for Canadians

These are some of the items that Scotiabank has offered to Canadians in order to improve their financial situation ... such as higher rate department store and other credit cards. Inform yourself about interest rates and options ... have a financial plan, now is the time to get one that emphasizes debt management and map out your short [more...]

Date: 2009-01-09 09:57:00

Should you respond to a collection letter?

Recently a family member sought my advice on a collection letter he had received ... balance), he was still left with several thousand dollars of debt on the credit card. Since he went back ... short list of when a debtor might want to apply a debt validation letter: You need a clean credit [more...]

Date: 2008-12-29 19:42:57

How to Get Out of Debt and Credit Card Tips

Taking care of our finances requires a great deal of knowledge and implication on our behalf. As adults, we must take responsibility when it comes to money and put to good use all the advice that is being given to us. Fortunately, we have one more hand offered and that is represented [more...]

Date: 2008-12-21 16:41:06

Dicing With Debt

Dicing With Debt Posted in January 15th, 2009 Category:Debt Relief Britons are taking on record levels of mortgage and credit card debt, with figures released last year showing that UK personal debts far out weigh that of our European neighbours. For those in need of help with financial problems then the Citizens Advice Bureau [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 07:42:47

Should Christians Use Credit Cards?

This post was written by Linda Bustos is an editor for Creditor Web, where you can learn about debt forum. The Bible gives wise advice that we should not go into debt. There aremany reasons for this – ... there can be understandablereasons to go into debt – a mortgage, a student loan, a car loan – thedebt in itself [more...]

Date: 2008-07-03 12:07:00

Take That Match!

We've all been told that the worst thing you can do is not full participate your employer's 401k or 403b match ... this advice. Sometimes money is so tight that putting even the slightest bit away can be overwhelming. How can I put another 2% away when I have so much credit card debt? Or, how can I manage on less [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 16:21:00

Home mailboxes are open targets for identity thieves

Connecticut Better Business Bureau has advice for securing your mail and reducing potentially “dangerous” junk mail Wallingford, CT Wallingford, ... financial responsibility Fewer than half know how to manage credit & finances...Instant business cards ... Connecticut Better Business Bureau says watch out for bank card... [more...]

Date: 2009-01-15 15:04:19

Advice Bleg

So I spilled coffee all over my new Macbook this morning ... forward and smack coffee across table onto machine. Nice. Have heard back from repair people: machine ... . Now, it happens that I bought this machine with a credit card on which I have a 90 day accident [more...]

Date: 2008-07-28 23:23:37

Review of Direct admin

Review of Direct admin by inprogrammer200 Today 08:54 PM 220 2,285 Domain Name Issues (2 Viewing) ... including credit card processing, client management software, and more. Do you register ... Issues A forum for discussing customer service and support issues from support software to advice [more...]

Date: 2009-01-16 02:54:49

Navy Tells Jonathan to Contact Me For Advice

Jonathan wrote to me through the GetOutOfDebt.org site and asked the following question. If you have a credit or debt question you’d like to ask just use the online form. I’m happy ... to foreclosure, 1 vehicle repossessed, and 15 major credit cards maxed out and not paid for 2 yrs+. Everything [more...]

Date: 2008-10-09 02:53:22

Navy Tells Jonathan to Contact Me For Advice

Jonathan wrote to me through the GetOutOfDebt.org site and asked the following question. If you have a credit or debt question you’d like to ask just use the online form. I’m happy ... to foreclosure, 1 vehicle repossessed, and 15 major credit cards maxed out and not paid for 2 yrs+. Everything [more...]

Date: 2008-10-09 02:53:22

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