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Cut Costs On Your Restaurant Bill – Eat At Home

This is a guest post from Trisha Wagner, a freelance writer for DestroyDebt.com. Destroy Debt is a debt community featuring debt forums. Trisha writes regularly on the topics of getting out of debt and personal finance ... with staggering debt levels, unemployment and reaching the end of their credit limit. The restaurant [more...]

Date: 2009-01-06 11:00:02

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Guest Post: Simple Steps to Start Saving

Trisha Wagner is a freelance writer for DestroyDebt.com, a debt community featuring debt forums ... , such as paying off credit card debt or saving money toward a down payment for a car or house [more...]

Date: 2008-12-24 14:00:29

Why You Should Sell Stuff To Help With Debt (pfblogs.org)

One day I was on a forum and someone who was deep in debt was asking for advice ... some reasons why.First, when trying to tackle a huge debt, whether it be credit card or otherwise ... to get extra money into the house, but the effort is quite substantial and the payoff will be long-term [more...]

Date: 2008-08-23 20:09:10

Statute of Limitations in Ohio on credit card debt; Open Account vs Written Contract

From Debt Prison Forum a reader asks for advice in response to a collection agency dragging up an 8 year old credit card debt ... an acknowledgment that you owe the debt. It’s then still up to you and the collection agency to work ... I received numerous threatening calls from a collection agency or an attorney acting [more...]

Date: 2008-11-12 02:31:36

A recent article in Business Week highlights some apparently (IMO) improper practices used by credit-card issuers in collecting debts ... Forum (NAF) … specializes in resolving claims by banks, credit-card companies, and major retailers ... of their credit-card applications to arbitrate any disputes over bills rather than have the cases [more...]

Date: 2008-06-16 19:52:25

Should Christians Use Credit Cards?

This post was written by Linda Bustos is an editor for Creditor Web, where you can learn about debt forum. The Bible gives wise advice that we should not go into debt. There aremany reasons for this – ... there can be understandablereasons to go into debt – a mortgage, a student loan, a car loan – thedebt in itself [more...]

Date: 2008-07-03 12:07:00

A New Standard of Living Indicator

A New Standard of Living Indicator January 14th, 2009 Up until this year our standard of living allegedly doubled since the seventies ... they use.  Let us come up with our own. I provide a lot of data on both The Middle Class Forum ... is rising.  Debt has increased as well, as has the proportion of people in a household working [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 19:50:35

Mortgage Rates are at 50 year lows!

Mortgage markets improved last week for the second week in row ... : * Credit scores of at least 720 * At least 20 percent equity * Relatively low debt versus ... Forums Discuss real estate, network, or learn about investing on our forums! This Article [more...]

Date: 2008-12-22 17:33:40

Interested in Working From Home?

A reader sent me a tip about an AOL story. They list 7 companies that are hiring people right now. The best part? You can work from home ... you will receive results. A great place to go to ask others about companies is the WAHM Forums. Thanks Beverly ... With Our DebtCredit Card Debt Update - $10,998 [more...]

Date: 2009-01-03 03:42:07

(Final CFP) Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (ALSP) 2009 Annual Conference

Ethics for the 21st Century July 2-4, 2009 University of Edinburgh, Department of Politics and IR, ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum < ... and climate change, ecological debt, future generations and climate change Genetic engineering, genetic [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 02:51:54

Free Ebook: Thriving on Less - Simplifying in a Tough Economy

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. Merry Christmas everyone! ... at Large Expenses for the Long Term 7. Changing Your Spending Habits 8. A Guide to Getting Out of Debt ... ebook with your friends through Twitter, email, Facebook, MySpace, forums, or your blog. Be sure [more...]

Date: 2008-12-25 05:00:27

Small business loan support scheme unveiled by Mandelson

The government today unveiled a scheme to secure some £20 billion of short term lending to support ... to convert debt into equity. Phil Orford, chief executive of the Forum of Private Business, expressed [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 17:29:05

The wonderful world of online coupons.

The wonderful world of online coupons. January 11, 2009 By: Lind Category: Control Spending, Reduce your Debt In this internet enabled age, ... like http://printable-coupons.blogspot.com make it easy.  Some forums have threads that track [more...]

Date: 2009-01-11 13:00:53

Nearly there....

Some of you might have noticed that the forum is looking normal again ... all the posts so we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all his efforts.thanks.FordJust a brief update. All is looking good. We've still got everything in the forum but to ensure everyone's posts [more...]

Date: 2009-01-13 14:29:00

1 Penny = 1 Billion Dollars

Taking a look at these humorous cartoons about how high gas prices were this summer, ... . We can use that extra money to either pay down our credit card debt, save more money or give our kids ... . Photo Credit: jackslife Advertisement: Real Estate Investing Forums Discuss real estate, network [more...]

Date: 2008-12-05 19:44:34

Most Distinct Voice

Yours truly has been nominated and is now a finalist for "Most Distinct Voice" in the Twenty-Something Bloggers Awards! (20SB Forum, 20SB Blog) ... ) for "Most Distinct Voice". I will be forever grateful and in debt to you.You can cast your vote here [more...]

Date: 2009-01-09 16:42:00

The State of Lending: Trader Uncertainty Anyone?

The Chinese have a saying: “May you live in interesting times” ... was meant to buy bad mortgage debt. Last week, however, those plans changed. Instead, the $250 ... decisions. Advertisement: Real Estate Investing Forums [more...]

Date: 2008-10-27 18:56:44

The Best of Get Rich Slowly: September 2008

September was a sort of unofficial “credit card education month” around here. I tried to share information about how to use credit responsibly. (Now maybe it’s time to move on to debt reduction themes!) Most of all, there were some great ... ? (a fantastic discussion) Best of the Forums Though I didn’t have time to hang out there, the Get Rich [more...]

Date: 2008-09-30 20:00:17

Site Seeing

Permalink Do You Have Pay Raise Plans? Saturday January 10, 2009 Please vote in my poll and respond in "comments ... . Organizations that have no debt, decent recession-proof sales, and a strong cash position are faring better ... | Newsletter | HR Forum Add to Technorati Favorites Bookmark and Share [more...]

Date: 2009-01-10 17:18:36

In major settlement, St. Louis Park company agrees to stop handling consumer arbitration disputes

Less than a week after being sued by the Minnesota attorney general’s office, the nation’s largest arbitrator of credit card and consumer collections has agreed to stop performing such work, state Attorney General Lori Swanson announced today. The National Arbitration Forum, based in St. Louis Park, allegedly deceived consumers into thinking it was a neutral arbitrator in debt collection, the lawsuit said. [more...]

Date: 2009-07-19 21:01:22

How to make a solid and regular passive income from Adsense

As you are aware, Google offer publishers a tool for placing adverts on your site, Adsense ... knows, it’s quite common to see these “High Paying Keywords” questions in Internet forums, however ... , but these days are long gone. There are still high paying niches, such as Cancer, Debt, Insurance [more...]

Date: 2009-01-14 09:09:54

The Top 10 Internet Scams for 2009

"Rising unemployment and a global recession mean we expect to see a huge increase in e- victims this year" says Jennifer Perry, ... out. 6. Economy related scams - Loan and debt consolidation scams have been increasing throughout 2008 ... or spoofed websites - Phishing, domain hi-jacking, posting in forums are just some of the ways [more...]

Date: 2009-01-08 19:04:02

Bill Richardson: Still my Facebook Friend!

I might be going out on a limb here, but I don't care what people say about Bill Richardson - I still like him! ... for endorsing Barack Obama, ended his Presidential campaign in debt, and most recently withdrew ... , I also remembered when he blatantly stated "homosexuality is a choice" at the LOGO Presidential Forum [more...]

Date: 2009-01-10 20:00:00

Considering Kimkins? NOT SO FAST!

Hold on to your wallet! Kimkins (Heidi Diaz) filed for bankruptcy yesterday. This is her 3rd one ... about that, don't you think? She allegedly schemes, racks up debt, and leaves her creditors holding ... , her diet is junk, and you'll be out $80 and looking for a new forum when the Kimtanic sinks.This [more...]

Date: 2009-01-13 14:10:00

The Best of Get Rich Slowly: November 2008

November was a great month for me. I took huge strides in my life as a “professional” blogger ... : The debt-to-income ratio: How much house can you afford? November 13th: A do-it-yourself Christmas: 34 ... of the Forums The blog isn’t the only part of this site. If you have burning questions [more...]

Date: 2008-11-30 13:00:05

Great Option

Great Option June 4th, 2008 — Loans I ran across the site NoDebtToday(dot)com recently and was quite impressed by the service that they provide ... and debt settlement, Payday Loan Help, Dealing with Collection Agencies all neatly separated ... with you about the section’s subject. For example, the collection agency forum not only has discussions [more...]

Date: 2008-06-04 14:24:14

China's "Human Flesh Search Engine" Probably Isn't What You Think It Is

In some respects, MySpace, FriendFinder, and every other social networking site could be considered a human flesh search engine ... posted Wang's personal information on several forums, including his phone numbers, address, and national ID number. Someone painted a slogan on his door that read "A blood debt must be repaid [more...]

Date: 2008-11-26 17:09:50

Keep Them Linking With Content That Screams Out - Link to Me!

What’s the “secret” to getting your site listed in the coveted top 10 spots in the search engines? ... bloggers, forum posters, other (quality) websites, social media sites and anything that has “www” ... an angle and latch onto it!  Writing about credit card debt using the same advice you can find [more...]

Date: 2009-01-06 12:35:30

Keep Them Linking With Content That Screams Out - Link to Me!

What’s the “secret” to getting your site listed in the coveted top 10 spots in the search engines? ... bloggers, forum posters, other (quality) websites, social media sites and anything that has “www” ... an angle and latch onto it!  Writing about credit card debt using the same advice you can find [more...]

Date: 2009-01-06 12:35:30

We're broke. Stock up. NOW

From Matt over at Peak Oil: Life After the Oil Crash:"If you've been reading LATOC or any other (reality-based) ... dollar of debt injected into the economy. For lack of a better term, I will refer to this as "MROMI ... now at the LATOC Forum and the original one over at the Ticker Forum."Source/Author: Matt at LATOC.Financial [more...]

Date: 2009-01-13 22:54:00

Weekend Reading And Open Forum

Zero Hedge Is Jeff Macke the next Lenny Dykstra? ( W.C. Varones Blog ) From the CEO of NYSE: One year later ( WSJ ), and fully propaganda free Kraft set to launch hostile Cadbury bid ( Reuters ) No reform, just a cosmetic patch for a discredited, flawed regime ( Telegraph , h/t A.P.) John Hussman: Strenuously overbought ( Hussman Funds ) Japan Tankan may show firms to cut spending even amid recovery ( Bloomberg ) China’s most famous economist keeps talking ( NYT ) MERS: A [more...]

Date: 2009-09-27 22:17:20

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010 Source: Project Censored US Congress Sells Out to Wall Street US Schools are More Segregated Today than in the 1950s Toxic Waste Behind Somali Pirates Nuclear Waste Pools in North Carolina Europe Blocks US Toxic Products Lobbyists Buy Congress Obama’s Military Appointments Have Corrupt Past Bailed out Banks and America’s Wealthiest Cheat IRS Out of Billions US Arms Used for War Crimes in Gaza Ecuador Declares Foreign Debt Illegitimate [more...]

Date: 2009-09-27 15:19:53

The Costs of Becoming A Journalist

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Journalism is not rocket science. If you can read, write and ask the right questions, research topics, develop other resources and see the big picture, you have what it takes.Occasionally, I meet journalists who ask me where I worked, trying to play the status game. It doesn’t work with me. I know people who work at a lot of the big papers, and the stories they tell aren’t any different from mine. It’s all about people, and procedures, and conflicting interests. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-28 14:59:42

Communique Issued and Obama Speaking Now

You can watch him live here: The text of the communique is below. Leaders’ Statement: The Pittsburgh Summit September 24 – 25, 2009 PREAMBLE 1. We meet in the midst of a critical transition from crisis to recovery to turn the page on an era of irresponsibility and to adopt a set of policies, regulations and reforms to meet the needs of the 21st century global economy. 2. When we last gathered in April, we confronted the greatest challenge to the world economy in our generation. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 21:36:12

US dollar set to be eclipsed, World Bank president predicts

Flashback: Bilderberg Wants Global Currency Now | Dollar to fall under scrutiny at G20 summit | IMF approves $13bn gold sale to boost lending fund | UN wants new global currency to replace dollar | G20 agrees to continue economic stimulus measures; Geithner shops international reserve accord | China Set to Buy $50 Billion in IMF Notes | Medvedev Unveils “World Currency” Coin At G8 | China calls anew for super-sovereign currency | No one talking about dumping dollar: China minister [more...]

Date: 2009-09-28 23:29:59

In The News Today

Dear Extended Family: Please watch the following video and keep these points in mind: 1. That it comes from CNBC. 2. That is was presented without the usual argumentation from interviewers. 3. That it errs only in saying gold is the enemy of all central banks which we know is incorrect for Asia and even the Germans who are now backing off selling. Better said, gold is the enemy of some central banks. 4. Its major reference is to the US dollar. 5. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-27 23:20:59

G20 nations meet as protests flare on issue of international banking regulation

Again, the summit is being presented as a way to get the bankers, when it is in fact a further centralization of banking power. The picture below tells you much of what you need to know about the G20. And for new readers, it’s not that banks are inherently bad. But at the international level, economies are being governed now by a syndicate of privately held central banks that operate above the law and print money with which to acquire real equity. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-24 22:35:28

Identity Theft – Are You Letting The Thieves Get Away With It?

How often do you check your credit report? For far too many consumers the answer will be “Only when I want a loan.” That means that identity thieves can use your credit and your good reputation for months or even years before you discover their activities. You might not notice at all until you find your bank account empty. Or, you may receive a notice from the IRS denying your tax refund because it has already been paid – or worse, asking why you didn’t report ALL of your income for the year. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 07:15:30

The Sweeper: Labour’s Failure to Regulate Football

Big Story Yesterday we looked briefly at the concerns about the Football Association’s lack of reform expressed by Sports Minister Gary Sutcliffe. But how has the Labour government — in its twelve years in power and with a long-proclaimed aim to modernise and promote the broader development of football — fared itself in ensuring this happens? David Conn looks at the overall record of Labour’s involvement with football , and comes away not too impressed. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 13:53:38

Women Issues – The Info You Must Learn

There is no need to prove that women and men go through depression in totally different ways. Depression is a great stress to both men and women and we can’t claim that one of the sexes suffers more during a depression, we can claim only that the way they feel and perceive things is definitely not the same. In this article I will stop on the woman’s depression. Unfortunately, regardless of how either men of women feel themselves during depression, women are still twice as likely to fall victims to it. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-29 10:12:03

Dollar to fall under scrutiny at G20 summit

Apparently the French Press is the only major media outlet that wants to address this issue. Under the pretext of correcting trade imbalances and aiding developing nations, The UNCTAD and Chinese proposals, below, would have the effect of getting SDR bonds into circulation by monetizing international debts, purchasing investments in local currencies, and so creating an international currency based on a floating basket of investments. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-24 21:18:13

G20 decides to become world’s new ruling economic council

The new order of things has been announced. Magically, now “Deficits and trade imbalances are believed to have played a prominent role in plunging the global economy into a downward spiral.” No - it was derivatives and fraudulent leveraging of bad debt into the economy. But who cares about the truth, there’s a new agenda to begin this shell game of swapping currency reserves around the world to create a new defacto global reserve currency. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 16:09:33

Carney says G20 must stay the course on stimulus

Those reading the transcript of the interview may be surprised to discover that, for all the lip service Carney gives the US dollar, Canada holds 40% of its reserve currency stocks in Euros. Holding Euros is not recent - government reports online dating back to 1999 indicate at the time 24 million in Euro reserves were held. there was a coordinated attempt to prop up the Euro in 2000, an effort in which Canada was a player. In 2008, the figure was 238 million . Just a little history. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 15:36:08

African News Update – Dialing for Answers Where Web Can’t Reach

Dialing for Answers Where Web Can’t Reach In remote areas of Africa, Question Box answers callers’ questions about crop prices, planting techniques or the best soccer team.Ivory Coast,London Club Sign Preliminary Debt Restructure Deal (Nasdaq) LONDON -(Dow Jones)- Ivory Coast has signed a preliminary agreement with the London Club on restructuring EUR2.2 billion worth of debt owed to the group of informal private creditors, in a move which could reduce the targeted portion of debt by up to 20%. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-28 23:10:09

Women Issues - The Tips One Must Learn

There is no need to prove that women and men go through depression in totally different ways. Depression is a great stress to both men and women and we can’t claim that one of the sexes suffers more during a depression, we can claim only that the way they feel and perceive things is definitely not the same. In this article I will stop on the woman’s depression. Unfortunately, regardless of how either men of women feel themselves during depression, women are still twice as likely to fall victims to it. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-26 03:24:44

Qifang Announces Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Empower Shaanxi Schoolgirls to Continue Education; Platform for Chinese Micro-philanthropy to Add International Reach

Qifang co-founder and CEO Calvin Chin will accept a certificate in recognition of the company's commitment during this year's Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. Qifang and its commitment to expanding Chinese education to rural schoolgirls will be featured during a special session on Financial Inclusion. The commitment will build upon Qifang's innovative model that empowers Chinese individuals and organizations to support and sponsor students' higher education dreams with loans and scholarships. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 01:31:50

Words from the (investment) wise 9.27.09

Words from the (investment) wise for the week that was (September 21 – 27, 2009) After hitting its best levels of the year on Wednesday ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) communiqué, the S&P 500 Index ran into heavy weather on the realization that the Fed could start scaling back on emergency support of the economy. US equities dropped further later in the week on renewed concerns about the state of the troubled housing market and weaker-than-expected durable goods orders. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-27 12:05:27

Start Your Own Business Stuff – Tools, Resources, Money, Grants and Mentoring Resources – Applied Solutions and Innovation / Invention

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Thursday, September 24, 2009 202-482-4883 Commerce Secretary Locke Announces New Commerce Initiatives to Foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship WASHINGTON— U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced today his plans to create a new Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the Department of Commerce and launch a National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-26 16:22:50

The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle Our daily lives are often a series of habits played out through the day, a trammeled existence fettered by the slow accretion of our previous actions. But habits can be changed, as difficult as that may seem sometimes. I’m a living example: in tiny, almost infinitesimal steps, I’ve changed a laundry list of habits. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-28 23:33:36

D-Notice 5

Mark Hollingsworth Investigates The McCann Files Disillusioned with the Portuguese police, Gerry and Kate McCann turned to private detectives to find their missing daughter. Instead the efforts of the private eyes served only to scare off witnesses, waste funds and raise false hopes. Mark Hollingsworth investigates the investigators. by Mark Hollingsworth It was billed as a ‘significant development’ in the exhaustive search for Madeleine McCann. [more...]

Date: 2009-09-25 11:56:00

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