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Debt Elimination - UK Consumers write off credit cards

This is a short edited version of the Panorama episode "Can't Pay Won't Pay" broadcast on the 10th November 2008. It tells of how the Rankine's of Birmingham UK used the Consumer Credit Act to write off credit cards, loans and other unfair credit agreements that totalled to around £100000. This amazing process of using legal loophole can be reproduced by almost anyone leading to a new Do It Yourself Debt Elimination culture. debt-guide.co.uk provide one of the formost guides on axactly how ... [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 25/08/09 14:32
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Look to the Net to Eliminate Debt

New online software system is helping homeowners dramatically reduce their debt with technologically-precise personal financial guidance. According to leading financial experts, the Web-based Money Merge Account Program allows consumers to eliminate their debt years ahead of conventional methods by systematically eliminating interest and paying down principal on mortgages, auto loans & credit-card balances. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 31/03/09 16:58
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Recipe for A Prosperous Holiday

Enterprise Erik shows us once again a way to eliminate debt from your life through this prosperous holiday recipe. Debt and credit cards can lead to identity-theft, fraud, and queasy stomachs. Watch him blend a delightful recipe of past debt, and cleansing water to create...Voila! He realy whips up a dewicious howiday wecipe fo us. Learn how to quickly eliminate holiday debt thru this innovative new recipe! [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 22/11/07 19:11
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