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The Real Free Credit Report Commercial

Love them or hate them, the commercials are catchy. So catchy people overlook that freeCreditReport.com is not the real Free Credit Report site. If you don't read the fine print (and don't pretend that you do) your credit card will get a recurring charge for $14.95 a month (for triple advantage - that very fast low voice at the end of the video). So instead of not looking fly and rollin' phat - go to www.AnnualCreditReport.com cause that is where the free one is at.... [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 18/03/09 03:43
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Democrats veto credit card interest rate limits

Senate democrats look after the bankers by rejecting an amendment to limit credit-card interest rate to 15%. www.senate.gov thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 22/05/09 11:46
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