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Tall Tales & Other Big Lies

Texas music legend Ray Wylie Hubbard recounts one concert in the seventies, where he witnessed a hilarious and horrific sight, never to be forgotten. Runner Up for Best Animated Short at SXSW Film 2006! Also, get the comic book companion @ raywylie.com!!! Produced by Troy Campbell. Animated & Directed by Dano Johnson. Illustrations by Jose Luis Gonzalez. Music by Troy Campbell with Ray Wylie Hubbard. Copyright 2006 Collection Agency Films, LLC. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 3 min
Added : 05/03/06 04:48
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UK Debt Collection Agencies - Oh dear! A CCA Request - what now?

Again, as pointed out in previous messages, one of the greatest weapons you can have, is a Consumer Credit Act 1974 request. Such a request stops a dishonest collection agency in its tracks, and before they can resume having any dealings with you, they HAVE to fulfil that request (if they can!). However, this is not always the case some agencies may try to continue their illegal pursuit even after they receive your request. Included are examples of such replies you may receive after the ... [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 9 min 17
Added : 09/02/09 08:41
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What To Do When Bill Collectors Call!

Some asshole collection agency keeps calling me even though they have the wrong number and the collection is completely for someone else. I've told them several times that they have the wrong number and not to call again, but they still call a few times a day. So now, I just pick up the phone and hang it up real quick. One of these days I'll mess with them real good, and we'll save that for another video. :) Thanks for watching! [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 0 min 16
Added : 15/01/09 15:54
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Kung Fu Legends II Turbo Edition

From the 2002 DVD "Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting." Get kicking with these unique and highly entertaining short films, a bonanza of martial arts action ranging from anime-style fury to video game spoofs, kung fu parody to hard-hitting fight scenes. Includes: Dare, Kaela, Gung-Ho, Teamwork 2, Prison Warz, Collection Agency, Cradle of the Blind, Kung-Fu Legends: Turbo, Crouching Waiter, Hidden Chef. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 10 min 19
Added : 26/06/06 09:47
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My father died and the bank wants my mom to pay.

My father died last year. He had a truck he owed a lot of money on. His name was solely on the loan. There was no savings, no life insurance...nothing. I called the loan company and had them pick up the truck. Now, a year later, my mom is getting a letter from a collection agency that $7,000+ is owed on that debt. She cannot pay this debt and it was my dad's sole responsiblity. Can they come after her for the loan? [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 1 min 02
Added : 17/09/07 17:00
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Chantelle Darjeeling Lingerie Collection Presentation

Chantelle Darjeeling_Collection Presentation Title "Collection Presentation" Original Title "Présdentation de Collection" Agency Piment DDB City Paris Portfolio Also see this ad in the agency portfolio Advertiser Chantelle Brand Name Darjeeling Business Sector Apparel & Accessories Stores Country of Production France Language French Type Case Study Length 110 seconds Creative Director Axel Roy, Rémy Gross [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 1 min 47
Added : 16/11/08 19:22
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Me talking to collection agency :) CBV and get it writ off

Me, Derek Hill was talking to a collection agency CBV about a telus bill i was suppose to pay. I said one thing, show me the contract :). anyways after she noted the conversation about 15 minutes later her manager or w/e called back tried once more to get me to crack but i was strong at the end he said he will "do away with it". God damn it feels good to be free :) [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 6 min 31
Added : 15/06/09 22:41
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Credit Bureaus Under Fire! Part 4

From www.BrokenCredit.com, OK, it's only fair that we give both sides of the story here and now it's time to hear from the other side. This is Stuart Pratt, the President of Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA). CDIA is the trade group for the CRAs and the data furnishers (i.e. credit card companies, collection agencies, etc.). Poor Stuart - the CRAs made him the spokesman for the effectiveness of the eOscar system. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 0 min 23
Added : 25/06/07 07:02
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Taking on the Banks 2 - Talking to a debt collector

Btonbadger's quest continues, as he wonders what would happen if he treats the debt collection agency in exactly the way they've treated him. If they can harrass without any legal proof of a debt, then surely he can too? Maybe they'll be intimidated enough to pay the non-existant debt... after all that's how debt collection works isn't it? [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 1 min 25
Added : 21/08/08 17:29
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A Random Collection Agency - Telemarketer Prank Call, Crank Call

Upcoming website: TelemarketerTorture.com Adult language. This company called in looking for an old business partner of mine whom in which left FIVE YEARS PRIOR to this call. It sounded like this dude was new to the job, and this could have very well been his last day too LOL! Butch and a random collection agency. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 3 min 06
Added : 24/05/09 21:17
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