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Credit Card Commerical

Another video made as an econmic project. The point of this video is to try and convince teenagers not to use credit cards. If your wondering what those numbers on top of thier heads is, it is a credit score. When you get a Credit Card you get a credit score that rates you on how well you pay your bills. 600 and up is good and 500 and down is bad. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Check Your Credit Score

view-credit-report.blogspot.com There is something to be said for those taking the responsibility necessary to maintain a good credit standing. Without question, keeping yourself from being extended beyond your income is wise. Registering at annual credit report.com is the number one way to know you have taken the best possible steps to see that your credit condition is in the best shape it can be. You will be glad to know your personal business is as it should be.... [ go to Youtube.com ]

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